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Spraytight Doors

Spraytight Door Range "Spraytight Doors are commonly found on the freeboard deck and are constantly exposed to the corrosive effects of the ocean and natural weathering elements"


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Spraytight doors and bridge doors are used on the upper deck of a vessel Spray Tight Doors are usually found on the freeboard deck - this tends to be the uppermost complete deck which is constantly exposed to the sea and natural weather elements.


Doors intended for use on the freeboard deck do not have to have the same technical specification or performance of doors used in the bulkhead. But they do need to keep out the elements.

Spray Tight Doors are used for exactly this purpose and are commonplace on a variety of commercial ships, offshore platforms and support vessels. The doors can be made from steel, aluminium or stainless and can be supplied to your exact specification.

Our doors typically utilise a double hinged design and the door corners can have a square or radiused profile. Our doors are supplied as a self-contained unit, supplied complete with a door frame, and is fully compliant with all international standards.

The door is supplied ready for bolting or welding directly to the structure and is supplied primed or coated to our customer's specific requirements.

Typical Door Features:

  • Hinged or sliding door design
  • Steel, aluminium or stainless material
  • Excellent spray resistance
  • Supplied as self-contained unit with door frame
  • Ready for welding or bolting to structure
  • Compliant with International standards

LMS also supplies a range of bridge doors which are similar in design and application.

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