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NS 2584 Bolllards (Double Bitt)

NS 2584 Bollard Range "NS5284 deck bollards are ideal for towing and secure mooring applications and be supplied with a nominal diameter ranging from 100mm to 800mm"


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An NS 2584 double bitt bollard fitted with a warping roller LMS are fabricators and suppliers of high quality NS2584 Deck Bollards for secured mooring and towing purposes.


We offer our range in primed and painted or galvanised finish. Although we have a definitive range we can custom produce these units to your exact specification if required. Our bollards are suitable for use with wire ropes or traditional ropes.

For mooring applications
– The bollard is suitable for wire or rope with breaking load (BL) when cross belayed on the bollard.

For Towing Applications
– When belayed on one bitt only approximately 2 x the breaking load is valid

Please download our technical sheet below for a complete specification. Our bollards can also be supplied with a warping roller if required - please see our section on warping rollers for more information. Material certification can be supplied on request.

Key Features:

  • Cast from high quality steel
  • Nominal diameter from 100mm to 800mm
  • For secured mooring or towing purposes
  • Can be fitted with a warping roller if required
  • Can be deck or quayside mounted
  • Primed finish or can be galvanised and painted on request
Download NS 2584 Bollards Technical PDF

For more information please download our  NS 2584 Bollards Technical Data Sheet  in PDF file format.

  To find out more information about our NS 2584 Bollard Range and to receive a detailed quotation for this particular product, please  CLICK HERE   

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