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Kenter Joining Shackles

Ramshorn Hook Range "Our Kenter Shackles are ideal for joining two pieces of chain together, such as marine anchor and mooring chains"


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Kenters are joining shackles which join two pieces of chain together Made from heavy duty forged steel the Kenter Shackle is a joining shackle used specifically to join two stud link chain elements together to form a common or larger link.


The kenter shackle comprises of two separate halves which are joined together with a centre chock and secure taper pin, which locks to the halves together. Kenters are used to join together majority of chains and typically in the marine industry they are used to join together anchor and mooring chains.

Dismantling the kenter joining shackle for re-use is straightforward. Simple use a punch to drive out the taper pin - this will dislodge the lead pellet which holds the pin in place. Then tap the centre chock away and the two halves will disassemble.

Lifting & Marine Services Ltd supplies a wide range of Kenter Shackles to variety of sizes. Note that our kenters are supplied subject to a nominal variation in weights and dimensions.

Please feel free to download the technical datasheet provided on this page which is in PDF file format.

Key Features:

  • Made from heavy duty forged steel
  • Used to join two chains together
  • Used in the marine industry to join together mooring and anchor chains
  • Variety of sizes and weight available
  • Supplied as an ex-stock item
Download Kenter Shackles Technical Data Sheet

For more information please download our Kenter Shackle Data Sheet

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