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J Chaser Range "Well known to the marine industry, J Chasers are steel hooks which are used to recover embedded anchors and are supplied in a variety of options dependent on the application"


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J Chasers are basically large hooks which will recover a mooring chain or wire when a buoys pennant has been broken J Chasers – essentially a hooking tool specifically used to recover an embedded anchor from the sea bed which has been used in a mooring buoy and pennant arrangement, where the pennant has broken which has resulted in the buoy drifing away.

To reduce any damage to the mooring chain or wire, the chaser itself is engineered from material which is not as durable – this is deliberate so as to ensure that any wear is taken by the chaser iself and no damage is caused to the actual chain of wire being recovered.

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J Chasers – Product Range

J Chain Chasers    J Chain Chasers 
Our J Chain Chasers offer a simple solution for the retrieval of anchors which have become detached on the seabed
 [more info] 
J Lock Chasers    J Lock Chasers 
A J Lock Chaser can be towed along the mooring catenary and will lock when the directional pull of the winch is reversed
 [more info] 
Permanent Chain Chasers    Permanent Chain Chasers 
Permanent Chain Chasers offer a credible alternative when compared with a standard buoy and pennant arrangement
 [more info] 

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